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Pashto folk singer Zarsanga warns Pakistan, will leave for Afghanistan if justice not provided

Zarsanga bibi02KABUL: A well-known Pashtun singer in Pakistan who is internationally famous for her unique still and voice of singing has scolded Pakistan she would leave for Kabul if authorities fail in bringing the culprits into the court of justice.

The Pashtu folk music queen and her two sons sustained deep injuries after being attacked by unknown men in Nowshera district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“I served the Pashto language and Pashtuns through signing at different styles but now unfortunately I am wandering here and there to get my basic human rights,” she was quoted as saying in a report by local newspaper, Dawn News.

She was speaking on Tuesday during a gathering, organized by Aman Jirga against the practice of usury.

However, according to some reports, Zarsanga was wounded along with her other family members in a dispute which apparently arose due to financial issues.

Zarsanga had reportedly borrowed money from some people in Nowshera and the issue of repayment led to an armed clash.

According to Zarsanga, she had borrowed 400, 000 Pakistani rupees from some people and in return she has already paid 1.1 million in interests.

She said the standard of her life is worst as she is living on the roadsides at the age of 74, despite she has received many awards from abroad including the United States for her country.

While addressing the gathering she came hard over the ruling class and Pashtun nationalists for not caring her, adding the attitudes of authorities and Pashtun leadership remains as silent spectator which is very much painful for her. He complained and accused the local of refusing register FIR against the attackers and take action against them. She warned Pakistani authorities in strongest words to break the fast of criminal silence by providing justice and standard life within the country, adding if Pakistani administration fails she would leave for Afghanistan which according to her is a country of her forefathers.

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