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PARIS: The City of Love Soaked in Blood

gettyimages-497052596PARIS: The attacks of November 13, 2015 in Île-de-France are a series of shootings that occurred on the night of Nov. 13 to 14, 2015 in Paris in the tenth and eleventh arrondissements (restaurant “Little Cambodia” bar, “Le Carillon “Republic Square, rue Bichat, Bataclan, Boulevard Beaumarchais, rue de Charonne Faidherbe street) and explosions at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. The deadliest event was held in the hall of the Bataclan shows, when terrorists fired on the crowd who attended a concert and then took hostages. The Brigade of Research and Intervention stormed and shot shooters. Earlier reports believe that 120 people have been killed by the terrorists and more injured. According to the Prefecture of Police of Paris, there were seven simultaneous terrorist actions. The terrorists fired guns to the terraces of restaurants and cafes and killed dozens there. rtr_paris_attacks_30_jc_151113_16x9_608Simultaneously, the explosions took place near the Stade de France, which then held the friendly football match between France and Germany, and killed three people there and taking hostages. Bataclan bringing the death toll to more than one hundred dead. According to a statement by the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, about 2 am this Saturday, November 14, 2015, five terrorists were neutralized. Unfolding Bataclan After opening fire in the theater where played the Bataclan Eagles of Death Metal, the attackers (three to six) conducted a hostage. At 23 pm the BIS arrived at the scene. Paris2Following the intervention of the BIS, the four attackers were killed. Three more attackers had driven an explosive belt according to the prefect of police. Although no police officer was killed, yet one police officer was wounded. According to BFM TV, the room with a capacity of 1500 seats for the concert was packed and terrorists reportedly threw several grenades, foreshadowing a probable slaughter. Spectators were able to flee, others hid in the attic of the Bataclan. The four attackers died, three of them by exploding, according to Paris police chief. Bichat corner of the street and the street Alibert (10th arrondissement) A man opened fire on the bar and then against Le Carillon Restaurant Le Petit Cambodia directly opposite, making fourteen victims and two injured Brazilian. According to a witness, the balls were drawn from one or two cars. Gunfire was also reported at the intersection of rue de la Fontaine au Roi and the Faubourg du Temple, on the other side of the rue Bichat Avenue of the Republic According to Le Parisien, there on the Avenue of the Republic, 4 people died, 11 injured and 10 critically injured in the attack. Two gunmen fired against the bar La Belle team, on street corners and Charonne Faidherbe. There would have been 18 deaths in the attack, according to Le Monde. Stade de France Two or three explosions that took place before the doors J, D and H were heard almost simultaneously near the stadium and heard by players and during the live television broadcast. Four people died on spot, including three terrorists. Francois Hollande, who was there, was escorted out before the end of the match. The friendly match between France and Germany (2-0) is not interrupted, to avoid panic. Spectators and journalists in the stadium were kept in the dark until the end of the match. ISIS has so far claimed the responsibility for the Paris attacks.Paris3

Jacques Mossino from Paris who is an MC animator and DJ in an entertainment place (Disneyland Paris) and lives in Paris told The Pashtun Times that we generally waste too much time before becoming really conscious of the danger level. To be always thinking about humans rights, wish fall in a guilty attitude where we think too much about the idea that “man is good”. We have governments that think about not getting afraid of people, but when the tragedy happens, we happen to be the only losers. We are always ready to accept toParis4 understand too many things from some people who want to impose their vision of world on us. More importantly, our governments are always accepting to be behind some American political choices.

Professor Christine Brémont d’Aremberg from Université François Rabelais Tours told The Pashtun Times, “We have left the terrorism grow. We have not been able take into account lessons from the past and now we will pay the high price. There are no safe areas in our countries any more, and we will have to fight to stay safe and free.”

Patricia middle aged woman, who lives in Paris near the Villette Park and a dialect coach told The Pashtun Times “In my opinion the French government has sat down with the devil for too many years. The Arabian countries have asked the Occident to refrain from criticising Islam. While we all know that the problem lies with Islam. The socialist party made a deal with the Muslim community in the 19th district of Paris for votes according to Malek Boutih. The terrorists of Charlie Hebdo came from that neighborhood. Emmanuel Vals said that he would close the radical preaching mosques. Nothing was done. There was the salon in honor of Muslim women a few months ago at Pointoise the speakers were well known Salafists among them the Iman of Brest. Nothing but books pro jihad were on sale at expo. A Muslim library in my neighborhood next to Mosquée sells them.

By Aurang Zeb Khan Zalmay and Wakeel Khan


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