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Paris Attack and the Suspected Support for Terror

Claudia 02The horrible terrorist attacks in Paris have evoked the solidarity of People and organizations around the globe against the menace of radical ideologies. The solidarity with the French people has also been displayed by people through changing their profile pictures on social media with the French color the “Tricolore”.

Despite most of the analysis of the details of how it happened, there must also be allowed one more question: the million dollar question which the governments have not so far answered, despite that the question has been raised.

What are the political aims of IS and who are their funders? Are they trying to get influence in France and, by extension, Europe? Or is it really the revenge of IS against France for the fact that France is bombing IS in Syria and Iraq? What about suspected IS supporters such as Saudi Arabia, the Erdogon of Turkey, and such as Pakistani spy agencies? After all, their support of terror is no more called a conspiracy theory but a hard fact known to people who are suffering under their policies of support of radical ideologies for political interests.

Obviously, the attack happened two days before the G 20 peak at Antalya, Turkey. Is this an accident or has it to do with some unfilled demands vis-à-vis the refugee crisis and the negotiations with President Erdogan?

These are the questions which should be allowed due to the events, so that the international community could be led to believable answers. Or shall we not get aware of the whole truth, so that only the case of alliance could be proclaimed? Does this even make any sense that the supporters of the terror are not revealed but the war is made on terrorism?

Terrorism was so long ignored by the Europeans. As a survivor of Luxor attack in 1997- on Tuesday, it will be 18 years ago – I experienced the indifference of the most citizens. The attacks of London and Madrid have also been long forgotten. But the Paris attacks reveal that the conflict has now turned to Europe, and we no longer can ignore it. Paris changed Europe, and we cannot ignore the inner problem. We have come to the point to have a look on Saudis and Gulf state businessmen who supports the IS and also the Grey wolves in Germany, who celebrated the attacks. They have much influence on the Turks in Germany and also on other Muslim communities. We must also take a sight to Pakistani establishment – notorious or rather famous for the support of al-Qaida and Taliban — to get into the inner circles of terror.

And so far as Germany is concerned, why we never had such big attacks like in France, UK, Spain and USA? I think we only can face solutions, if we dare to pose unpleasant questions. The case of alliance is not yet proclaimed by NATO, but it remains one of the most fundamental questions in the heart of people. The war on terror will change Europe. We are no longer an island far away from the bloody conflicts of the world. We have to return to our responsibility.

Writer: Claudia Waedlich

The writer is a Germany based columnist and correspondent with THE PASHTUN TIMES. She is a literary writer, lawyer and politician. She can be reached at



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