Pak’s awkward demàrche: Of terror, Baloch, and Geneva

free balochistanEDITORIAL: Instead of responding in a rational and mature way, those sitting in the echelon of power in Pakistan, bungled and bedeviled it once again as their reaction is nothing, but just an act of tinkering and mere rhetoric. The way they responded to the American president Donald Trump, who has worn a sternly angry look against Pakistan’s overt and covert support to militancy in the region, particularly, Afghanistan, is not only ridiculous, but faulty and suicidal. What the American president did the other day by ignoring Pakistan’s prime minister Khaqan Abbasi, must be an eye opener for the policymakers in Islamabad. The more and more you give Pakistan favors, the more and more you stand with the side of oppressors. This pseudo ideological fortress, has been very much behind much of insecurity and terrorism in the region in particular and the world in general. The following terrorists organisations have their roots and head offices in Pakistan.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Laskar-e-Islam, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Sipah-e-Suhaba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Sipah-e-Mohamnad, Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohamnadi, Tehreek-e-Islami, Mujahideen-e-Islam, Nadeem Commando, Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Hizbul Mujahideen, Harkatul Ansar, Harkatul Mujahideen, Hizbuttihrir, Amal bil Maroof, Jaish-e-Islam, all are operating with guidelines from the unaccountable security apparatus. Just imagine any Arabic alphabet, and you will get is a terror organization starting with it. This is impossible around the world where state declared terrorist organisations operate freely, some under the disguise of humanitarian and welfare bodies. This is nowhere, but in Pakistan. The snake pit, the terror safe haven. And this is not happening that the terrorists are mightier or Pakistan’s security machinery is broken, rather all this is happening with the state security apparatus approval. Ludicrously, all the above mentioned terror outfits, have been declared banned and outcast by Pakistan’s government and posted on its interior ministry’s official website, but covertly all these terror bodies enjoy Pakistan’s intelligence network support.

They are Pakistan’s strategic assets. In the near past, there was a bloodiest terror attack on an army-run school right in the heart of a military garrison in the capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar, where more than a hundred schoolchildren were ruthlessly killed. Such an attack cannot be carried out without inside support. And the man who brazenly accepted that the attack was carried out by his group of the Taliban, is to the grief of those parents who lost their children to that bloodiest terror, these days enjoys military protocol. The walls and streets still echo the pain and grief of that tragic day when these Pashtun children were ruthlessly mowed down. This is what happened in the city. The tale of grief and of the streets and mountains, villages and markets in the tribal belt is more painful and more echoing. Here, the conspiracy of the state, the silence of the international community, and deliberately hiding the truth by terrorised Pashtuns, is not only hurting, but causing the humanity to sob.

Baloch cities and villages tell the same story. Though there is no terrorism by the Taliban, the henchmen of Pakistan’s military establishment, rather the Balochs are a victim of state direct and overt oppression and suppression. There is also grief and terror over there across Balochistan.

And when the other day, the Baloch raised their voices for their rights and political freedom, the state machinery in Pakistan came into movement. The Baloch freedom lovers organised a demo in Geneva, Switzerland, and it irked the same Pakistan, which has turned a blind eye to the gross human rights violations in Balochistan and sheer political and economic exploitation, that it summoned the Swiss envoy in Islamabad twice. He was told to inform his country and government that this was against international law. If Pakistan installs the Taliban in Kabul, hosts more than 43 declared terrorist organizations, opens the Taliban embassy in Kabul, then that is not the violation of the international law. This was an act of sheer disgrace of international law and diplomacy. And now the same country is asking Switzerland to be civilised and not to let terrorists display their posters on its soil. The Baloch secessionists by no count are terrorists. And why this weapon of selectivity and selective amnesia that when terrorists display posters in Islamabad for Jihad charity, then this is considered a great service to Islam.  Therefore, the world must listen to the cries of Balochs, must look at the injuries and bloodshed of Pashtuns.

The Geneva episode of the Balochs’ attempt to attract the world’s attention towards their gross rights violations at the hands of the state of Pakistan, must not go unnoticed. The “Free Balochistan” banners and posters in Geneva, must be a milestone in shaping the policies of the EU and the US instead of just be buried the next day and eventually forgotten. The Pakistani state is behind the genocide of Balochs, who on their soil, Balochistan have been aliens and deprived of their own natural resources. Punjab has been intriguingly and systematically turning them into an thinner minority on their own land, which they have been inhabiting since time immemorial. The angry Pashtuns’ representatives were also there in Geneva. They also hoisted the flag of Pashtunistan in an attempt to tell the world that the British experiment of carving a religion-based country out of British India has had been a catastrophic experiment, and now is the time, that experiment needs to undone. Given that there is no attempt of reaping the whirlwind, and expatiation for the British sin, they committed in the Indo-Afghan region, Pashtun children will ever remain suicide bombers, ignorance and hatred will rule the roost, and terror will ride the air. Why not the world listen to the cries of the Baloch and take notice of the sobbing of the Pashtuns so that peace in true sense is restored. The world must stand by Pashtuns and Balochs because unlike Pakistan, the chances of ethnic cleansing, state backed pro-Jihadists narrative are most probably to go down.
And look at the subjectivity of Pakistan’s media, which hardly can build up the courage to go and cover what is happening in Balochistan, and how do the children of Pashtun live under the shadow of terror as there are being caught in a quagmire where the Taliban beheads their male breadwinners, the Pakistani army tanks lumber in their villages, and American drones fizz in the air, and Pakistan’s Airforce blitz the tribal belt. But yes the same media then creates a war hysteria, tear apart the viewers ears by vociferously crying why did the Baloch talked of their freedom, in the Geneva conference.

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