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Pakistan’s charge d’ affaires summoned by foreign ministry over Durand Line clash

aFGHAN FORCEKABUL: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Pakistan’s charge d’ affaires over Pakistani troops’ entry into Afghan territory that resulted in conflict with Afghan forces at Spin Boldak area.

The ministry said in a statement that Pakistan’s attack on Afghan forces is a clear violation of regulations which compels us to share the Afghan government’s concern over the incident with Pakistan’s charge d’ affaires.

It said that Pakistani representative expressed regrets over the incident and said he would convey Afghanistan’s concerns to Islamabad.

The conflict broke out on Friday when Pakistani forces reportedly entered Afghanistan territory, local officials said.

Kandahar police chief Abdul Raziq said four border police personnel were killed and 14 others wounded.

He added 23 civilians were also wounded in the fight.

However, Pakistani officials have claimed that the Afghan forces attacked Pakistan’s border troops without any valid reason.

The Pakistani officials furthered that seven Pakistani border forces were killed and 27 others were wounded in the battle.

Spin Boldak is a border town and the headquarters of Spin Boldak district in the southern Kandahar province where Pakistani forces made attempts to conduct census inside the Afghan territory.

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