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Pakistani senator Farhatullah Babar criticize the country’s Taliban policy


ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani senator has criticized the Taliban policy adopted by Islamabad and warned that the dichotomy in the state’s policy towards militants has brought Afghanistan and Pakistan close to a dangerous collision.

“Pakistan refuses to acknowledge that the Taliban ideology on both sides of the Durand Line is to destroy modern state structures,” Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Farhatullah Babar quoted in a report by Dawn said.

He was speaking during a gathering organized for the launch of a report on ‘Pak-Afghan Relations Under Evolving Regional Scenario’, published by the Pakistan Institute of Policy Studies.

Babar further added “We also pretend that while the Afghan Taliban is motivated to drive out foreign forces, the Pakistani Taliban is seeking to destroy the state itself. It is this dichotomy in state policy that had led the two close neighbours on the path of a dangerous collision.”

He said Mansour’s possession of Pakistani identity documents raised serious questions about who has provided sanctuary and protection to the Afghan Taliban in Pakistan, and dealt a blow to the narrative of sovereignty.

“Where is sovereignty when the likes of Mansour are freely using our land to launch attacks in Afghanistan?”

According to Babar, Mansour’s successors are less likely to be found in refugee camps and more likely to be found in well-protected luxury compounds in Quetta – and elsewhere – holding Pakistani identity and travel documents.

“In utter frustration and in a kneejerk reaction we have resorted to unilateral border controls and are demanding repatriation of Afghan refugees. It is neither feasible nor advisable to throw out the refugees overnight. We have not been able to register all the refugees as yet – a task that must have been completed long ago,” he argued.

He said border management is a long term process requiring a long term and patient resolution with mutual consultation. It should not be seen as punishing Afghanistan for refusing to be subservient.

The remarks by Babar comes as the Afghan officials have long been criticizing Pakistan for failing to take actions against the groups using the Pakistani soil to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

The Afghan officials believe the notorious Haqqani terrorist network and the Taliban group leaderships are based in Quetta and Peshawar cities of Pakistan. -KP


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