Pakistani pornstar Nadia Ali knows that adultery is a sin but still does it every day for work

NADIA ALI001LAHORE: In a strikingly odd manner, Pakistani porn star Nadia has revealed that she was aware of the fact that adultery is sinful but still she keep doing it everyday.

The 25-year-old star who is derided for wearing hijab while filming immoral videos put forth a weird reason for this and stated that she grabs more views in this manner.

Nadia who first got into the adult industry as a dancer two-and-a-half years ago before moving into escorting then becoming a porn star admitted that she experiences ‘conflicts’ between her religion and work but that she views it as a ‘stepping stone’ for her work in the beauty industry.

Nadia said that although ‘ideally’ her parents would prefer she did not work as a porn star, they understand her motivations for it.

She said: ‘Ideally, just like any other parent they do not like their daughter to do that type of work, but they have a good understanding of why I did things. I have a very good relationship with my parents, I’m very open about things.’ -Daily Pakistan


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