Pakistani Man Gets 40 Years Imprisonment on his Involvement in Terrorist Activities

Abid Naseer, 26, is seen in a courtroom sketch as he pleads not guilty to terrorism charges in his first U.S. court appearance in New York in January 7, 2013. REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg

NEW YORK: The Pakistani national al-Qaida operative Abid Naseer was found guilty in a court in Brooklyn on the charges of his involvement in terror-related activities including his material support to a terrorist cell, his involvement in planning of bombing a shopping mall in London and association with men who had conspired to bomb the New York City subway. Naseer, 29, was first arrested in 2009 in Great Britain on the charges of his involvement in the plan to bomb a shopping mall in England, but later he was extradited to Unites States in 2013. The Prosecutors said that Naseer was committed to the ideology of al-Qaida and posed extreme danger to social peace and therefore demanded that he should be imprisoned for 30 years or life.


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