Pakistani forces violate zero line, move forward 500 meters inside Nuristan

The Pakistani forces have violated the zero line and have moved forward at least 500 meters inside the eastern Nuristan province, local officials said.

The officials further added that the Pakistani border forces have started violating the zero line since one week and have moved forward in Marwara and Sarkano districts.

Provincial security chief Gen. Hasib Sayed Khel said the issue has been shared with the central government, insisting that the Afghan forces can not take action as the residential houses are located in the area where the Pakistani forces have established presence.

The latest provocative move by the Pakistani border forces comes days after tensions reduced between the two sides which escalated due to attempts by Pakistan to establish barbed wire in certain parts of Torkham.

Torkham was closed as a result of the growing tensions which was reopened after four days due to negotiations between the Afghan and Pakistani officials.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani military announced last week that Angoor Adda check post was handed over to the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF).

A spokesman for the Pakistani military said the check post was handed over to the Afghan forces in a bid to improve bilateral relations and border management. -KP


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