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Pakistani court rejects to release Sharbat Gula on bail


A court in Pakistan has rejected to release the Afghan woman Sharbat Gula who was arrested on charges of possessing fake Pakistani National Identity Card.

According to the local media reports, the court rejected her bail plea after hearing arguments from both the sides.

The court rejected the bail plea of Sharbat Gula despite lawyers Abdul Latif Afridi and Mubashar Nazar questioned the arrest of the woman, saying there was no complaint against her about her illegal stay in Pakistan and she was arrested as she was preparing to leave for her homeland.

The lawyers also claimed the FIA raided her house and arrested her without fulfilling the legal procedure as there should be a complaint first in such cases.

Other issues such as the extension of the repatriation of the refugees by the government and health condition of Gula were also submitted by the lawyers.

But the public prosecutor opposed the release of the Afghan woman as he stated that she was charged with having Pakistani National Identity Card.

This comes as the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan said Monday that Gula will likely be released on bail on Wednesday.

The country’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said the Afghan woman Sharbat Gula will be released on bail as he called the officials as real culprits who issued the fake identity card to her.

“I think I will have to review this case because she is a woman and we should see it from a humanitarian angle,” Khan said.

The Pakistani authorities reported Wednesday that Sharbat Gula was arrested on Tuesday and is in custody for further investigation regarding the alleged forgery in producing the Pakistani identity card.

Gula gained global recognition when her photograph was featured on National Geographic Magazine’s cover in 1985 and was linked with Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona. -KP

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