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Pakistan Used Militant Proxies To Counter India In Afghanistan: WikiLeaks

A400An email released by WikiLeaks reportedly from the hacked personal email account of the U.S’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief John Brennan indicates that Pakistan has used terrorists as proxies to counter India’s growing influence in Afghanistan.

The document states: “Efforts in the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) have been challenged by Pakistan’s ambivalence toward, and perhaps outright support for, the Taliban.

While the U.S. Intelligence Community differs on the extent of the relationships, at least some elements of Pakistan’s military and intelligence services appear to be ambivalent about the anti-Taliban and anti-militant mission in the FATA, in part due to their history of close ties to the Taliban in Afghanistan’s conflict with the Soviet Union and Pakistan’s use of militant proxies in its conflict with India.”

“Pakistan’s desire to counter India’s growing influence in Afghanistan and concerns about U.S. long-term commitments to Afghanistan increase Pakistan’s interest in hedging its bets by ensuring that it will be able to have a working relationship with the Taliban to balance Indian and Iranian interests if the United States withdraws,” Brennan wrote in the 13-page strategy paper to U.S President Barack Obama in 2008 in the role of a top foreign policy and counter-terrorism adviser to the president.

The document shows US concerns about Pakistan’s resolve to fight terrorism. Raising doubts, Brennan said the US government may increase unilateral action, but America needed Pakistani cooperation to eliminate the threat from the FATA.

“Eighty per cent of our logistical support for the forces in Afghanistan transits Pakistan and there currently is no viable land alternative. After the September 3, 2008, US military raid into Pakistan, Islamabad temporarily halted all fuel shipments to US forces operating in Afghanistan. A permanent halt of fuel or other shipments would significantly damage coalition operations in Afghanistan,” Brennan told Obama in the email.


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