Pakistan Trying to Expand War in Afghanistan: NDS chief, Massoud Andarabi

Pakistan Trying to Expand War in Afghanistan: Andarabi

KABUL – The acting spymaster on Monday said three Pakistani militant groups were fighting against the Afghan government and accused the Pakistani intelligence of trying to expand the war in Afghanistan.
Acting National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief, Massoud Andarabi, acting Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahid and Chief of Army Staff Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheem on Monday appeared in the Wolesi Jirga to answer queries from lawmakers about the country’s current security situation and recent rocket attacks from Pakistan into Afghan territory.
“The enemies had three plans last solar year— controlling an area of the country, continuing the war in Afghanistan and getting political legitimacy, but fortunately they failed to reach their targets,” Andarabi told the lower house of parliament.
“Peace is the desire of all Afghans and it is NDS personnel’s duty to disclose strategic and tactical information on a timely manner and the department did so,” he said.
He accused the Pakistani intelligence of supporting terrorists in Afghanistan to continue and expand the war.
He named the three Pakistani militant groups operating in Afghanistan as Al-Badar Mujahiddin Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-i-Taiba, saying the groups would continue their disruptive activities in Afghanistan in coordination with the Afghan Taliban this solar year.
“It has become clear on the people of Afghanistan that the Taliban are misusing Islamic instructions and using the name of Islam for their personal interest,” he said, adding that NDS personnel had prevented nearly 4,200 terrorist attacks in the country during the past one year.
“We are defending the country with all of our force and will do so in future as well,” Shaheem told lawmakers, adding no areas had been vacated as a result of any compromise and the Afghan security and defence forces were ready to defend the honor and independence of Afghanistan.
He said some districts fell to militants due to some weak points of security forces, but the districts would be retaken soon.
Jahid said first of all they would control the current situation and would then try to expand security in all parts of the country.
The acting interior minister said if granted the confidence vote, he would try his best for security and stability in the country.
First deputy speaker, Haji Zahir Qadir, who chaired the session, said “our neighbour (Pakistan) on the one hand is raising its voice for peace and on the other getting advantage of the situation and violating the zero point bordering areas and has hoisted flag on Afghan territory.”
He alleged the Pakistani forces had entered two to four kilometres inside Afghan territory in border areas and the country was supporting Daesh and Taliban to disrupt the security of Afghanistan.
He said a joint commission including members of security organs and parliamentarians should visit vulnerable border areas to assess the situation and share their findings with the Wolesi Jirga.
“If it is proved that security officials have committed any negligence in their duty in case of Pakistan’s interference, they should be interrogated and referred to judicial organs.” (Pajhwok)


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