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Pakistan to host four-nation talks on Afghan peace next month

QCG-meeting-on-AfghanistanThe third round of quadrilateral meeting on Afghan peace process will be held on 6th February in the capital city of Pakistan, the officials said Thursday.

A spokesman for Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry Qazi Khalilullah told reporters that representatives from Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States and China will meet next to discuss the Afghan peace process.

Khalilullah further added that the meeting would focus on ongoing efforts to lay out a roadmap to peace for the war-shattered Afghan nation.

He also added that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will soon travel to Qatar, shedding light on reports regarding invitation of the Taliban representatives to sit-in for peace negotiations once the quadrilateral meeting participants reach some understanding on the overall roadmap.

This comes as the Taliban group earlier announced that the group’s political office in Qatar was the only entity authorized to carry out negotiations on its behalf.

The second round of quadrilateral meeting on Afghan peace process was held in capital Kabul on 18th January where participants of the meeting calling on the Taliban groups to enter into early talks with the Afghan government in a bid to end the ongoing violence in the country.

The Afghan and Pakistani leaders agreed to revive the stalled Afghan peace talks during a meeting on the sidelines of the Heart of Asia conference in Islamabad last year.

Pakistan hosted the first round of direct peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban group earlier in July last year. However, the peace talks were suspended due confirmation of Mullah Omar’s death that led to widening rift among the Taliban leadership.

The Afghan officials were expecting to sit-in for the second round of peace talks with the Taliban group representatives in Pakistan before the confirmation of Mullah Omar’s death. -KP

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