Pakistan to be hit by problems it causes in Afghanistan, Sima Samar warns

Sima-SamarThe Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) Chief Sima Samar has warned Pakistan will be hit by problems it causes in Afghanistan.

Samar is in India to participate in an international conference on child and youth. “I believe that our neighbour (Pakistan) should realise that problems that it is causing in Afghanistan is not going to stay within our boundaries. It would reach them,” she told IANS in an interview.

She also added “As soon as they realise this and take action against enemies of human rights, the world will have a positive change.”

Samar further added “When you (Pakistan) are training bad people against a country, you will be trapped.”

According to Samar, social and economic stability reach Afghanistan within next 20 years provided that regional cooperation was in place that lead to peace in the country.

“If everything goes well, including the social, economical and political situation in the region, we may achieve prosperous Afghanistan sooner than 20 years,” she added.

Samar described poverty, inequality and disorientation against the people as a major cause of terrorism. “Those who are killing themselves and involve in terrorist activities are also people like us. But what put them in that situation has reasons and conditions. I think poverty, inequality and lack of job opportunities for youth is major reason of terrorism. Where would they go? Either they are used by group of people to brainwash and make them supporter of the government or by the extremists,” she said.

She also voiced concerns regarding the discrimination against the girl child in the region while advocating for an over overall policy revision for south Asian countries, in terms of quality education and social services.

Recalling Farkhunda, a 27-year-old Afghan woman who was lynched by a mob on March 19 last year in Kabul over rumours of blasphemy, Samar said “If I had a choice, maybe I would have not born a girl.” -KP


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