Pakistan should be included in UN black list for its crime of supporting terrorism: Protestors chanted

Protest-against-Pakistan-615x300@2xKABUL: Hundreds of Kabul residents including politicians and civil society activists on Thursday took out to the streets to give vent to their anger against Pakistan for its “continuing support to the militancy, and the recent shelling on resident areas in eastern provinces of the country.

While chanting anti-Pakistani slogans, the demonstrators called on the International Community not to turn a blind eye over criminal activities of the Pakistani government for carrying out cruel terrorist attacks and rockets shelling into Afghanistan.

They called on International Community to include Pakistan’s name in the United Nation black list for its supporter of terrorism in the region and the world.

“Pakistan have to be triggered to the court for it crimes against humanity and the UN have to listen to our tone of voice,” a protestor, Edris Stanekzai, who is also one of the organizer of the demonstration said.

While condemning Pakistani shelling in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces, he urged all the Afghan masses to stand unitedly against Pakistan barbaric act against civilians.

Furthermore, he called on President Ashraf Ghani to issue a decree of banning use of Pakistani rupees across the country. In a tit-for-tat respond, Stanekzai called on Afghan masses to stop using Pakistani goods and instead support domestic products.

Pointing toward an announcement of Jihad against Afghanistan by Pakistani Ulemas, he asked the Afghan Ulema to come harder and declare Jihad against Pakistan.

At the end, the protestors released a resolution in which they asked International Community to include Pakistan’s name in the UN sanction list as a backer of terrorism in the region and the world.

In the resolution they added that remaining silence of NATO and particularly the US forces stationed in Afghanistan is questionable regarding Pakistan attacks in Afghanistan. The demonstrators asked the US to announce its clear stance about Pakistan at the light of Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA).

They also slammed the National Unity Government for its failure in the past two years, terming its insufficiency within the government as a major cause behind the enemy’s presumption.

The protestors also announced strong support to the Afghan security forces and warned Pakistan that fueling war in Afghanistan would one day reach to Pakistan as well—where the recent series of attacks in Pakistan is a clear induction.

By Farhad Naibkhel


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