Pakistan remains ravaged by gender disparity

If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a family

Malak Umer HayatWoman who is considered one of the fragile being in every society both emotionally and physically comprising more than 50% of the world’s population. She is kept under the deprivation of enough education, health facilities and nutrition and therefore they have to live a miserable life. Women don’t enjoy high social status or any other special privileges in our societies. The position of our country on gender inequality index was at 147 in 2015 that lagged behind from many most underdeveloped countries. In Pakistan, women are hit by snags in their way. They are not able to get proper education. More than 70% of Pakistan population lives in rural areas where there is inequality in educational system, more primary and secondary schools for men as compared to women. In Pakistani society especially in rural areas mobs are illiterate and fogies. They will never want to send their daughter to schools and if you are an advocate of gender equality they will respond you with such an acrimony that will vain your whim. We know educating the whole society is the prerequisite of prosperity and development and let me tell you the famous sayings “if you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a family” and also its an irony of our fate that we have neglected the teaching of Islam which says ” seeking of knowledge is the duty of every Muslim” we are violating human laws and rules by allowing the gender disparity. The overall health system in Pakistan is crippled by its corrupt politicians. But when it comes to women they are at the travesty of health facilities mostly during maternity period. It is estimated that in every 1000 women 30 dies during childbirth and it is because of non-availability of hospitals and doctors and in rural areas where because of absence of midwives and lady health visitors this ratio of mortality rate is appalling. You will laugh like a hyena when you look at

yessthe absurdity of these old fogies. They don’t allow their daughters to schools and will want lady doctors for their treatment. Medical experts says 60% of women in Pakistan have vitamin D deficiency because of malnutrition. They quality as well as quantity of food for female and male is based on discrimination. It is considered that female needs low calorie intake and serve with what is left at the table. As a matter of fact women needs more nutritious food because they have to feed and bring up children. Women in our country are a dependent entity and can’t self-rely on its own in financial matters. They are not able to get good jobs commonly ascribed to a lack of education and also have less reserved quotas in every sector and due to these factors it has scuttled the way to emancipation of subjection. Women who are working in industries, factories and mills are given less wages as compared to men although they are contributing much to the economy of Pakistan. Simply they are victimized on gender basis everywhere by everyone. This disparity and debasement should be obliterated and we have to discern their role in development otherwise it will slump these fragile beings into inferiority complex and will made them dumb-driven cattle which cease their latent potentialities and finally becomes babes in the woods. If women are supposed to be the weak, pale and frail beings, weak and unhealthy posterity will be ensued and its a fact weak and unhealthy citizens won’t be able to contribute much to the progress and prosperity of a country.

By Malak Umer Hayat

The writer is a student of social science at NDU, Islamabad, Pakistan. He blogs at


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