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Pakistan reiterates opposition to US drones sale to India

US-India-drone-dealIslamabad once again revealed its opposition against the sale of modern unmanned aerial vehicles or drones by the United States to India.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan Nafees Zakaria told reporters on Friday that the balance of power in the region would be disrupted because of the deal.

Zakaria further added that providing sensitive military technology to India was akin to incitement of its ‘misadventures’.

“Global powers should be aware of their international responsibilities before making such agreements,” he added.

According to Zakaria, the international agreements, regulations and treaties should be considered before providing India any such technology.

According to reports, India is expected to receive the US-made unmanned aerial vehicles from the United States under an agreement reached between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The agreement worth around $2 billion was concluded between the leaders of the two countries in the month of June this year.

However, the sale and supply of the unmanned aerial vehicles to India will be only possible once the agreement has been approved by the US congress.

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