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Pakistan must eliminate terror sanctuaries for own and regions stability: Atmar

Haqani LeaderThe Afghan National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar has said the major terror sanctuaries are located in Pakistan, emphasizing that Islamabad must eliminate the safe havens for its own and regions stability.

Atmar made the remarks during his speech at the 19th Asian Conference on Combating Terrorism, evolving an Asian response arranged by Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA) of India.

He said Islamabad has promised to take actions against the sanctuaries during the bilateral and multilateral summits, insisting that Kabul’s demand is clear and that there are no good or bad terrorists, all are targeting the civilians, and all of them must be eliminated.

In the meantime, Atmar said at least 20 of the 98 groups designated as terror groups by the United States are operating in Afghanistan and the Afghan forces are committed to prevent the groups to reach to their goals in the country and in the region.

He also added that the Afghan government has not demanded military help from any country including India but the regional countries including India should increase their support to the Afghan forces in a bid to suppress the activities of the insurgent groups.

Atmar said the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is not a civil war but the Afghan forces are fighting the terror groups on behalf the region and the world as they are in the front line against terrorism. -KP


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