Pakistan demanded Durand Line recognition, reduced ties with India: Karzai

Photo courtesy: Gettyimages

Photo courtesy: Gettyimages

KABUL: The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said Pakistan had demanded recognition of Durand Line as the formal international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan during his presidency.

Speaking during in a Kabul, Karzai said Pakistan had also demanded a reduction in bilateral ties between Kabul and New Delhi.

He said the demands were made by the then Pakistani President on numerous occasions.

Karzai further added that Pakistan will seek more influence and seize more lands of Afghanistan if the Durand Line was accepted as the international border.

This comes as Karzai said last month that Afghanistan will not recognize Durand Line as a formal border between Afghanistan and Pakistan as he reacted towards Pakistan’s move to close the transit and travel routes between the two countries.

“The Govt of Pakistan has no legal authority to dictate terms on the Durand line.while we wish freedom for the people of #FATA from FCR and other repressive measures, we remind the Govt of #Pakistan that #Afghanistan hasn’t and will not recognize the #Durand line.” Karzai said.

Karzai made the remarks after Pakistan unilaterally closed the transit and travel routes along the line in late February. -KP


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