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Pakistan and Punjab?

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The greater Punjab is not acceptable to small nations anymore. Pakistan in its present state is an imbalance state numerically, politically and economically

Pakistan minus Punjab, there is no Pakistan. But Pakistan with Punjab is MAHA Punjab. This equation may sound silly to some readers and the others may ignore it to be the simplification of the grievous situation, prevailing in the country, but this is the fact not a fiction.

In my humble opinion and little knowledge, this is the root cause of all the ills of Pakistan.

Let me try to explore the concept. Punjab is a huge constituency and citadel of power or to put it bluntly, a road of rulers to Islam Abad. The powerful pillars share this constituency, be it the army establishment, parliament, executive, judiciary or the self-proclaimed new pillar the journalists community. From the very inception of Pakistan, Punjab has conceived all powers and is the zam zam of authority.

There is an ectopic pregnancy called Karachi, the economic hub of Pakistan. It is a Gaza strip for Pakhtuns under siege by the companions of the founder. Pakistan itself is transplanted country in the globe like Israel. Karachi has been taken a shape since the birth of MQM as if the land is also imported from India. The real owners are reduced to red Indians.

Pakistan is synonymous with individuals and families. Loyalty to them is the prerequisite for patriotism. All the scandals during the last four years ended in “coup d’état by the judiciary”. By the way, the recent one isn’t the first one. Molvi Tamizuddin was the first victim of the judiciary.

Our judiciary stands tall, to be the first institution to surrender its independence. Justice Kayani was the only one to speak half truth. Choudhri served under a usurper for quite long till he was asked to resign. His refusal was not for the freedom of the judiciary but to save his seat. Our support was for restoration of the judicial independence, not a partisan judiciary. His inner bitterness was intense. He was waiting for the ripe time to hit hard. This was an opportunity he could hardly afford to miss when his son was found to be involved in the similar scandal.

Pakistan is ruled by two parties one with power the other is the show piece. The sixty percent is under gentle brothers and the rest is under the PPP-led coalition. The big stakeholder has started disobedience movement to reclaim the rest. Judiciary and army are staying out and mum, a support by default. Karachi is another Gaza strip plagued by shadows of death. It all stinks foul but the sacred cow cannot be hurt. Establishment homegrown gorilla is to be protected, should it be needed in future.

Pakistan stands distinctly in the world, in certain regards. It is the only country where the state was residing in individuals and families. Where judiciary surrendered its own independence for petty interests, where the majority was forced to accept the role of minority and the rule of minority, where a civilian was a martial law administrator, where a four years old Mir Wais was held in custody for anti-state activities, where the supreme court was attacked and the attacker were let to go, where an aircraft that carrying COAS was hijacked by the government, where the PM’s were imported who were not even the citizen of Pakistan, where the history is tailored on daily basis? And yes this is the land of pure, where the human and natural capital follows the capitalists and industrialists keeping the international law of economics on ice slab that demands industry to follow the power and man power!

The idea of this long introduction was to give the public a glimpse of the background and the intrinsic asymmetry in the equation mentioned above. The greater Punjab is not acceptable to small nations anymore. Pakistan in its present state is an imbalance state numerically, politically and economically. Pakistan is basically not the need of small nations but the need of Punjab. Unless Punjab accepts this reality and develops an accommodative, all inclusive and participative policy, the existence of the country will always be at stake. Unless a true federation in words and spirit in accordance with the resolution of Pakistan is evolved, the country has no tomorrow!

The obstructionist behaviour of Mian Brothers to name our province is a strong indication of their mindset that has historical continuity. Those who are ashamed of their history has no place in history, we should not be out of them. Since our defeat at the hands of Ranjeet Singh, we have never been able to break the yoke of slavery. Liaquat Bagh firing, the denial to name us, is a continuous process of a particular mindset.

There is the government sponsored revolt in Punjab if the same would have happened in any other province there would have been so motto action followed by military action. The government sponsored anarchy and the silence of the concern institutions speak volumes. Punjab is screaming hoarse about its rights. They have the right to do so but if the others do, why it annoys them? Muslim league(N) is the representative of the elites of Punjab and have the right to protect their interest but must stop interfering in other provinces.

In the name of federation and integrity of the country, one province should not be the colony of the other. The provinces must have the right to foreign trade. We have yet to forget the wheat crisis. The loan we are forced to take from the centre carries an interest of above 20% percent while we can get it from outside on 4-5 % and the same applies to wheat purchaseand the story of inequality and exploitation continues on and on…

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Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at 



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