One dead after man drives into crowd in Heidelberg, no sign of terrorism: German Officials

GERMANY: A man died and two other people were injured after a 35-year-old German man drove into a crowd standing near a bakery at Bismarckplatz of Heidelberg on Saturday, but the authorities told THE PASHTUN TIMES there were no indications that it was a terrorist attack.


The 73-year-old man who died in hospital from his injuries was also German. The two other people injured, a 32-year-old Austrian man and a 29-year-old woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina, also received hospital treatment but were then discharged, police and prosecutors said in a statement.

“Based on investigations so far, there are no signs of a terrorist motive,” they told THE PASHTUN TIMES.


Talking to THE PASHTUN TIMES, the authorities said that the suspect was seen getting out of the car with a knife and was later tracked down to an old swimming pool. He was taken to a hospital in Heidelberg having been shot by police while being arrested, leaving him seriously injured.

Police spokesman Heiko Kranz said experts were gathering evidence such as DNA traces and fingerprints and examining the contents of the car, adding that the suspect would be interviewed if he was fit to be questioned.


The suspect had stopped at a red traffic light and when it turned green put his foot down before hitting the group of people at high speed and smashing into a pillar.


The German authorities are on high alert after a failed Tunisian asylum-seeker drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin on Dec. 19, killing 12 people.


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