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On Fawad’s self-assumed dossiers of truth, PTM demands investigation of Pashtuns’ killings in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) demanded investigation of thousands of Pashtuns’ killing in Pakistan during the last decades. In his tweet, Movement leader Manzoor Pashteen questioned the cold-blood murders of laymen Pashtuns political and intellectual leadership. Islamabad and Rawalpindi boys are shocked and terrified by the recent #SanctionPakistan trend on twitter. To minimize the intensity of the world-wide pressure, Pakistan’s federal government ministers talked to a press conference in the country’s capital on Wednesday.

Both the National Security Advisor Yusuf Moeed and Minister for Information Fawad Chaudry shared “self-assumed” dossiers with journalists and called it “truth”. They alleged India and Afghanistan based twitter handlers for the propaganda and as well accused Afghan officials particularly the Vice President Amrullah Saleh for maligning neighbor.

But in fact, this trend was initiated by former Canadian diplomat Christ Alexander, a staunch supporter of peaceful Afghanistan. Since he had remained ambassador for six years in Kabul and Chris is one of the eye witnesses of Pakistani intervention and supporter of Afghan Taliban. The various Afghan Taliban Shuras [Quetta, Peshawar and Miran Shah] are not more secret. Hundreds of Pakistanis, Afghans and worldwide anti-war people participated in this trend #SanctionPakistan.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudry blamed PTM for running more than 150 anti-Pakistan trends on social media. He also said in #SanctionPakistan trend 20,000 tweets were from PTM activists. Minister also showed dozens of tweets of Pashtun twitter handlers and called them baseless. PTM core committee member Sana Ejaz also shared her nominated tweet on Facebook and “My tweets gave them a hard time as well” she posted on her wall.

Pakistani media is in chain and couldn’t show the actual image of the country, because of military intelligence agencies threats, abduction, torture. Member National Assembly Mohsin Dawar tweeted “The State has openly supported militancy and terrorism, as reported by retired [Pakistani] Generals and PTM is a non-violent movement.

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