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OIC should help end Afghan conflict: Rassoul

RASOOLKABUL: A splinter Taliban group on Thursday rejected America’s new strategy for Afghanistan and asked Islamic countries to play their role in ending the conflict.

Two days back, President Donald Trump announced his new policy toward South Asia, promising continued support to Afghan forces and a continued US military presence in Afghanistan.

However, the Taliban’s splinter group, lead by Mullah Rassoul, scorned Trump’s new strategy and asked him to stop killing the innocent Afghans.

The US should let the Afghans deal with their problems themselves as history showed their ability to resolve complex issues through jirgas and negotiations, a statement form Rassoul said.

He asked the Afghans to bury the hatchet and solve their problems. He urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to play its role in resolving the Afghan conflict. The group announced to continue fighting against the US. -Pajhwok

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