Obama reaffirms US support to strengthen Afghan armed forces

Obama-condolences-to-AfghanistanUS: The US President Barack Obama reaffirmed the United States support to strengthen the Afghan armed forces and the Afghan government.

In an statement released following the confirmation of Taliban Chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor’s death, Obama said “As an enduring partner of the Afghan people, the United States will continue to help strengthen Afghan security forces and support President Ghani and the National Unity Government in their efforts to forge the peace and progress that Afghans deserve.”

Obama further added “We will continue taking action against extremist networks that target the United States.”

He also added that the United States will work on shared objectives with Pakistan, where terrorists that threaten all our nations must be denied safe haven.

“After so many years of conflict, today gives the people of Afghanistan and the region a chance at a different, better future,” Obama added.

Obama said Mansoor rejected efforts by the Afghan government to seriously engage in peace talks and end the violence that has taken the lives of countless innocent Afghan men, women and children.

“The Taliban should seize the opportunity to pursue the only real path for ending this long conflict – joining the Afghan government in a reconciliation process that leads to lasting peace and stability,” he added. -KP


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