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Noted Pashto poet, writer Shpoon passes away at 85

Shpoon sbKABUL: Famous writer and poet Saduddin Shpoon has passed away at the age of 85 at a hospital in the United States of America.

He had long been living in America, where he was admitted for medical treatment to a hospital. He breathed his last on Sunday.

Shpoon, hailed as a renowned Pashto prose writer and critic, penned some novels and composed trail-blazing poem.

Born in 1932 the in Khanabad district of Kunduz province, he received education in Kabul and the US. He worked for the Afghanistan Academy of Sciences and Voice of America.

Some of his articles are Wana Aw Yaw Shpoon, Sheen Tagahi, Gatyalai, De Smasy Yaran, De Bangi Ghara and Khayestona.

Afghan social media users, meanwhile, expressed their shock at his death and called it a huge loss.

Mahboobullah Mahboob, a lecturer at Kabul University, wrote on his Facebook page: “I regret the death of this great writer and contemporary poet. I consider it a major loss to Pashto literature.”

Rafiullah Stanikzai wrote: “Saaduddin Shpoon is dead. May Allah bless him with a place in paradise. His voice had been known to most of people since their childhood.

“His interviews were unique and gripping and his discussions on radio so sweet. Pashto literature will feel the vacuum created by Shpoon’s passing.”

Afghanistan Academy of Sciences member and researcher Rafiullah Niazai said: “Prof. Shpoon has died. May Allah shower His eternal blessings on him.”

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