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Nimr was not a Terrorist: Opinion

nimrDecapitation of Sheikh Al Nimr along with others 45 colleagues in Saudi is a melancholy not lonely for Shiite Muslims but also for Sunni. Iran tempestuous hordes showed severe reaction; scorched Riyadh embassy in Tehran and its consulate in northern city of Mashad. Saudi also gave like a bet-out-of-hell (quickly) namby-pamby response in form of severing diplomatic ties and repatriating its ambassador from Tehran. Saudi also warned Tehran to call back own diplomats from Riyadh within 45 hours. The decision was followed with similar actions by Bahrain, Sudan and Djibouti.

The attacks on Saudi compounds in Tehran and Mashad were so monkey business that the President Hassan Rouhani and parliamentarians not only criticize it but also called for bringing into justice all those who committed it. Brigadier General Mohsen Kazemeini of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps called the attack an “ugly, unjustifiable act”.

Saudi and Iran relation has been declining from late April when two pedophile security guards sexually harassed two teenage Iranians on Jeddah airport. Saudi government nailed both the guards and sentenced them to 10,000 lashes and four years simple imprisonment by criminal court of Jeddah. But Iran was not satisfied with these remedies and eschewed 500,000 Umra trajectories’ to Makkah.

In 2015, on last day of preforming of Hajj (Islamic ritual) many Muslims died when they were taking part in stoning of Satan. Among the deceased four hundred and sixty five (465) Muslims hailed from Iran. Iran government not lonely flaked the massacre but termed it incompetency and harum-scarum of Saudi authority. The incident took place because they clogged one of the roads. “But everyone here stated the Crown Prince and the son of King Salman [Mohammed bin Salman], flanked by 200 people, went through the road. Of course I sensed this happening and many of my friends, who had been here before, said that the atmosphere was as if one of their senior public figures was crossing”, a famous Iranian TV anchor claimed.ksa

Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr’s was a Saudi Shiite Muslim of eastern province. He was nabbed by Saudi police on allegations of inciting sectarian strife and supporting riots in Saudi. When he was brought before a criminal court, it’s sentenced him capital punishment. United Nations and other human rights watch dogs criticized the punishment and termed its rough justice and unfair lawsuit. They also reiterated that it was not a fair trial in as much the court treated him very severely during interrogation and was not allowed to spat a single word inside the courtroom. Saudi authority also deprived him from medical facility when he got injuries.

Saudi Government and its media made mountain of fallacious allegations against him in order to declare him Shiite terrorist. There are also allegations that Nimr was an Irani agent and taking money from Iran government then distributed it among Shiite Muslims in order to spread sectarianism. Advisor to defense minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman reported that Nimr and his family members were nurturing terrorists, attacking security agencies and government installations. But the contents of Sheikh Nimr sermons tell a different kind of story.

 In his speeches, he repeatedly calls for nonviolence in the face of government aggression and oppression. In a sermon outlining his vision for resistance, Sheikh Nimr stated, “The roar of the words is mightier than the sound of bullets,” and took great care to explain that violence would not produce positive results. In another sermon, he urged protesters to demonstrate peacefully, saying: “When we see an armed person in a demonstration, we will tell him this is unacceptable. Go home, we don’t need you.” An Amnesty International review of his speeches confirmed the peaceful nature of his dissent, altogether failing to find any evidence of incitement towards violence.

Iran accuses Saudi Arabia for supporting and patronizing of IS in Syria and Iraq, and Saudi accuses Iran for supporting Shiite terrorist groups in Middle East. But both deny blame. So this exchange of accusations adds fuel to fire between the two neighbor countries and keeps them away from peace and stability. Saudi Arabia and Iran are two paramount pillars of Muslim world. The ambience of ill will between them is not lonely harmful to Middle East countries but to whole Muslim world. Such hostilities provide opportunity to non-Muslims world to bifurcate the Muslims on base of sects like Shiite and Sunnah, which we have already enough. Such game of blaming against one another would not allow the both states to put down their differences.

So it’s a need of hour that all Muslims countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan etc keep behind their personal hatred and interest’s and play paramount role as a mediator between the two states to quench the internecine fire.

Writer: Ziaullah Khan

The writer is law student at Islamia College University, Peshawar, he can be reached at


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