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NATO commander reaffirms strong support to Afghanistan after Kandahar attack


KABUL: The commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan General John Nicholson reaffirmed the strong support of the alliance to Afghanistan after a suicide attack claimed the life of a Romanian soldier.

Gen. Nicholson who is also in lead of the US Forces for Afghanistan, said “Our hearts go out to our Romanian comrades for the loss of their soldier.”

He said “The thoughts and prayers of the entire Resolute Support Mission are with the loved ones of our fallen soldier at this difficult time.”

According to a statement by the alliance, two other Romanian soldiers were wounded in the attack when the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device targeted their patrol.

“Once again, the Taliban have proven that they are not interested in peace,” Nicholson added.

He also added “This loss only continues to strengthen our resolve and support to the Afghan government and its citizens as we work toward a secure and stable Afghanistan.”

The Taliban insurgents group claimed responsibility behind the attack amid increasing pressures on the group, specifically after the announcement of the new US strategy for Afghanistan.

The US forces have stepped up operations against the group and other insurgents as NATO continues to provide key support to the Afghan forces to increase their capabilities in the fight against terrorism. -KP

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