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Nasir Iqbal Khan: Pakistan’s No. 1 in Squash

20151110142355_Nasir-Iqbal-Squash-2BANNU: Nasir Iqbal Khan hails from the southern district of Bannu (Amandi) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is Pakistan’s No. 1 and the world No. 41 Squash champion. He defeated Todd Harrity in the final of the President Gold Cup International Squash Tournament with 3-0.

Earlier in the semi-final Nasir Iqbal had scored victory with an upset against the top seed Omar Abdel Meguid.

Nasir Iqbal said that it was the biggest achievement of his career so far, and praised the former world No. 1 Jehangir Khan for his motiviations.


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