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Naqeebullah Mehsud’s first victory

Dear Naqeeb your soul that whispered in my ears and asked will there be any justice? 

Naqeeb Mehsud 01And I said I have no answer to your question because I had seen how Pashtuns were victimized, how a whole lot of an entire generation was pushed into extremism and Talibanization for Pakistan’s strategic designs and games, and I had seen how much these Pashtuns were voiceless, politically misguided, pseudo patriotism injected into their heads, how much apolitical they are, how much fatalist they are, and how much polarised they are, therefore I said that I don’t know the answer of your question.
However, after a long time, the Pashtuns showed their unity, opted to social media as they don’t have anyone in the mainstream media, and they succeeded in creating pressure on the Sindh provincial government. Pakistan’s Chief Justice took a suo moto action. An inquiry committee was formed, and as per its report you were declared innocent, thought the anti-Pashtun elements fought tooth and nail to declare and depict you a terrorist, just for being hailing from the tribal belt.
We knew at that when we all were turning into IDPs that we will suffer unbearable setbacks, we will become untouchables, and our blood will become cheaper than a bottle of water and we started decrying the so called military operations.

Then Punjab declared that no IDP is welcome for they are security risks.

And the same Sindh in whose capital city, Karachi, known to be the city of lights and a city that never sleeps, but the day you were killed in a fake police encounter, the same city of lights sank into darkness and into sleep because they also had followed the foot steps of Punjab and said that IDP Pashtuns are not welcome.

However bending to popular pressure now the same city which called the Pashtuns a city threat now asks that your killer Rao Anwar must be suspended, trialed and his name put on “exit control list”.
After all these things, now your case will enter into legal litigation and process, your murderer will have the right of defence so he will have a defendant lawyer, a right this bloody officer has denied to others many times.

Here your case will linger on for years, and when you fade away from our memory then possibly the court will deliver justice or perhaps will prefer to some token punishments.

You cannot be reborn, but your loss somehow brought the world’s most divided, misguided, miseducated, and misinformed people of the world called “Pashtuns” were brought together for a shared cause, for a shared objective in our living memory, but your loss truly is a big price. They united briefly and it was only when you were brutally killed and then tried to depict you a terrorist despite that you had “watan card” being issued by military and political administration jointly after a thorough security scanning.

Now the Pashtun must think again and again that if an SSP of police along with a few his team members can kill an innocent Pashtun and declare him a terrorist and gives out false information to media then imagine how the most powerful ones, the ubiquitous, the unknown, the unaccountable, the unseen, the infamous, the dreadful might have done with this people called Pashtuns.

The Pashtuns historically were known the people of beautiful hearts, famous for friendship, for loyalty, for purity, their words was meant to be a law if they give their tongue so they mean it, they were so pure that even they didn’t use to betray in enmity, their hospitality was famous, but during the past many decade all their good qualities were attacked, they were turned into savages and an Arab culture of beheading was imposed, though this curse was never been a part of Pashtun way of revenge.

Dear Naqeeb you are not alone, too many other handsome and young men from the same tribal belt have gone missing in Karachi, either they are languishing in the secret torture cells or so far their dead bodies are not recovered because Karachi has also notoriety for bori band laashain when they kill the Pashtuns, then cut into pieces and then put them into a sack.

They are defaced to the extent that they cannot be recognised and are buried in Karachi’s biggest graveyard, where hundreds of unknown corpses have already been buried.

You won, because you belied those who despite knowing in their hearts you are an innocent yet seamlessly they tried to declare you a terrorist. You showed the Pashtuns a new way of life and that is never think of yourself weaker and voiceless, your soul cried that please please stand up for your rights fearlessly, tear the webs of conspiracies and cruelties apart and show the world we are a peace loving, humanist nation of the world.

We wish Pashtuns win the war of their struggle for their human rights, decency and the right to live in way where they not others decide for them what is allowed to them and what not and where they and not others decide who is their friend and who is not where they are not dictated from a land which is not theirs but being united under a flag which truly belongs to them and can bind them as a nation not an ethnic group.

Wasim Akbar

Wasim Akbar

By Wasim Akbar

The writer currently lives in the United States and is a bachelor in Computer Science. He hails from Swat valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, once a Taliban infested region where he witnessed that how this scenic valley turned into the valley of death and terror.

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