Naqeeb Mehsud “Apna Veer”

Naqeeb MehsudYou were born on the land of those coward people who despite knowing the enemy cannot raise their fingers at them. I too cannot point my finger at them, for I am too a coward man.

I too want to live; I have family members and relatives and they too want to live.

I can condemn your extra-judicial killing. To this extent perhaps I have the permission, therefore I must remain inside the limitations.

When they came after you and picked you up you would have thought they will just grill you, interrogate you for a while, and then let you free, but you were wrong.

You didn’t return, nevertheless your family received your dead body, or probably they were informed by others. Nobody knows why you were killed? And nobody knows who killed you as this is also possible some gangsters might have dressed up as policemen and would have kidnapped you and later on would have killed you.
Nobody knows about the bottom. And those who try to reach at the bottom are drowned and never return.

So almost everybody looks concerned but frightened. And everybody feels inside their bones that the enemy of Pashtuns is the same, albeit everybody shivers of terror, for they have seen the tragic end story of those who tried to open their mouths.
Dear Naqeeb, I didn’t know you that who you are?
Today I learnt who you were and tonight I will again wouldn’t sleep normally.
Given that you were born somewhere in India perhaps you would have been a heart-throb for millions. And you would have been a star for in India the Khans are “stars” and you outsmart them all for you were more handsome than Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan. Your photos reveal all about your passion; they reveal that somewhere in your heart you were secretly nursing a desire of becoming a star.
You appear to be a fan of Salman Khan as you have marked your photos with ” Apna Veer” caption. Veer is his movie in which he appears with long hair. You too have long hair.
But these cruel people not only murdered you but they murdered your longings and so the longings of your mom and dad.

You would have thousands of followers on FB and Twitter, but since you were born in a wrong place in a wrong time.

What I can do on you is to write an FB post, to make a stupid appeal “justice for Naqeeb” wherein I will request the state, the government and its security apparatus to carry out an investigation in your case.
But do you think you will get justice? Do you think there will be any probe?

You are cocksure that no. Rather your soul will whisper in my ears what did happen to the victims of APS?
Your soul will murmur in my ears go and see that a mother who lost her son in the deadliest terror attack on APS in Peshawar, but since justice was not done therefore she lost her senses, she became mentally mad and lunatic.
Now her family members have chained her so that she doesn’t harm herself, or doesnt run away from house, or tear apart her clothes as it will earn her family a bad name.
Your soul would whisper that did you support advocate Fazal Khan who lost his son in the APS and now he is running from court to court, from papers to radios from radios to tvs to seek justice.
I know the list of the questions is too much and I have answers to all your questions but I am afraid that perhaps I will become yet another Naqeeb, therefore, I would pretend I don’t have answers to your questions.

Dear Naqeeb therefore I have no answers to your questions.

And yes I don’t believe in “karma or seven circles of life” and if I have had any then I would have told you in next janam if you ever wish to be born a second time, you born everywhere but not on the land of Pashtuns because I have never seen such a coward, misguided, disunited, and bondage-minded people.

And yes you are a common man. And so am I.
I know that the killers of Mohammad Ali Jinnah were not brought to the books as his dead body was lying unaccompanied in a broken ambulance.
His sister Fatima Jinnah too was assassinated but her assassination was declared a natural death cause by a sudden heart attack.
And they assassinated the ‘chaaron soobon ki zanjeer Benazir’, then what is our worth or who you are and I or millions like us as we are being ruled by a lashkar of cunning masters who are equipped with artifice and know how to influence the general public’s opinion in their favor.

By Roohul Amin:
The author hails from the tribal belt in Pakistan. He worked as a journalist from 2006 to 2016, and currently lives in Germany

The views and opinions expressed in the posts are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect the policy and thoughts of the The Pashtun Times.

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