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Nabil reacts at joint operations agreement on both sides of the Durand Line

nabil-11-dec-15KABUL: The former Afghan intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil in his reaction regarding the agreement for joint operations on both of sides Durand Line has said details regarding the agreement should be shared with the people.

Nabil has expressed concerns that the agreement which has secretly been reached will once again offer concessions to Pakistan.

“It seems @ARG_AFG once again signed a secret agreement with PAK & give unilateral concessions to PAK again. AFG public should know d detail,” Nabil said in a Twitter post.

The Afghan government has said it agrees with the proposal for the joint operations with Pakistan along the Durand Line.

A statement by ARG Palace said Senators led by Senator John McCaine visited Afghanistan to review progress and all agreed regional solution is needed.

“Pres Ashraf Ghani said Afghanistan agrees with proposal for joint border operations with Pakistan, monitored by US,” ARG Palace added.

Nabil has long been criticizing Pakistan, specifically the country’s military and intelligence for supporting the anti-government armed elements of Afghanistan and last year released several documents to prove his claims regarding the support the Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network are receiving from the military intelligence of Pakistan. -KP

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