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Mufti Qavi to be investigated in murder case of Qandeel Baloch

Pakistani-MuftiPAKISTAN: A renowned Pakistani religious cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi will be investigated in the murder case of a Pakistani social media sensation Qandeel Baloch who was murdered on Saturday.

Mufti Qavi appeared in a video together with Baloch last month which immediately went viral in the internet and media.

A senior police official in Multan has said “We have decided to include Mufti Abdul Qavi in the murder investigation.”

The video of Mufti Qavi and Baloch became controversial after it attracted attention across the country leading to suspension of Qavi from the Ruet-i-Hilal Committee as well as the National Ulema Mushaikh Council of Pakistan.

Both Mufti Qavi and Qandeel Baloch blamed each other for requesting for the private meeting as the controversies are on the rise among the two with Qandeel even claiming that Mufti Qavi tried to kiss and hug her.

“[He tried to] kiss me and hug me. You know in showbiz, girls are sometimes bold so we are okay with it. I was laughing and telling him not to do it. He stopped then and said ‘I know you can’t phasaofy [trap] a girl in the first meeting. As our relationship develops, we will become more open with each other’,” Qandeel said.

In the meantime, Baloch’s brother told reporters after his arrest on Sunday that he was feeling proud for the murder of his sister.

He said he committed the crime as the videos and scandals of his sister had become unbearable.

Earlier, reports emerged suggesting that there are chances of reconciliation over the murder and the suspect might get saved from the punishment, so the section 311 (honour killing) has been added to the case, which means a non-compoundable offence.

Qandeel’s funeral prayers were offered Sunday in a Dera Ghazi Khan’s Shah Saddar Din area. The model’s father, relatives and neighbours attended the prayers. -KP


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