Mubariz Defeated by Russia’s Islam Makoev During his ACB Debut

MubarizATAJIKISTAN: Afghan Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighter Baz Mohammad Mubariz faced defeat during his debut in Russia’s Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) facing Islam Makoev in Tajikistan on Sunday night.

Despite coming out strong during the initial minutes with some ground and pound action, Mubariz lost the match via ‘standing rear naked choke’ submission.

With Sunday night’s loss Mubariz added another point to his loss record which is now 4 with 5 wins since the beginning of his career in Mixed Martial Arts.

Meanwhile, Makoev added another point to his success record improving it to 7 wins and having only 1 loss since his career debut.

Mubariz made his debut in Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) after securing first place in “Striking Eagles” fighting contest, organized nearly two months ago to find the talented fighters.

Mubariz received 7,516 votes during the contest which was held for a period of two weeks in the month of October. He was selected among the 30 fighters of the world by ACB during the initial phases of the contest where 450 fighters from different countries participated.

ACB had earlier announced that three fighters who receives the most votes will sign a contract with ACB League where two fighters on the jury’s choice will fight at Absolute Championship Berkut international tournaments.

Mubariz is one of Afghanistan’s brightest Mixed Martial Arts stars – in a country far removed from the glitz and glamour of America’s UFC series.

Also known as “the Eagle”, Mubariz started his pro career in India, where he went through a three-round battle with Kazakhstan prospect Kuat Khamitov. -KP


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