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Moroccan Prince Refuses to have Hand Kissed by Dignitaries

rrMOROCCO: Performing royal duties as a 12-year-old must be tough and a video circulating online of Morocco’s young prince proves exactly that.

Dressed in a suit and tie the Crown Prince of Morocco Moulay Hassan looks ready to take on his royal engagements but only till people lean forward to kiss his hand. The 12-year-old can be seen in footage snatching away his hand as several dignitaries attempt to kiss it.

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The hilarious video shows confused dignitaries continue to bend forward to plant a kiss on the prince’s hand, but Hassan remains determined not to accept the ‘respectful’ form of greeting and swiftly snatches away his hand.

Hassan began appearing in public with his father at official engagements last year.  He is the son of King Mohammed and Salma Bennani, who wed in 2002. The royal couple also have a daughter, Princess Lalla Khadija, born in 2007.

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The practice of hand-kissing has continuously sparked controversy in Arab countries with some people rejecting it as humiliating while others supporting it as an act of respect.

This article originally appeared on Daily Mail.

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