Modi says terrorist hideouts are in neighboring of India, Afghanistan

modiKABUL: Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, condemned the latest attacks in Kabul and provinces of Afghanistan, saying that terrorists’ sanctuaries and training bases are in the neighboring of Afghanistan and India.

In a telephonic conversation with President Ashraf Ghani, Indian premier emphasized on elimination of the terrorists’ hideouts.

Three subsequent attacks killed around 140 people last week, while over 260 others injured. Taliban and the Daesh terrorist network claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Though Indian prime minister did not did not name the “neighboring”, but his hint was to Pakistan, where Kabul and New Delhi believe that terrorist groups are based and supported.

The two countries blame Pakistan for not doing enough in fight terrorism.

He has also said that India would be ready to help Afghan health sector in the treatment of the injured of the recent attacks.

President Ghani said that it was the time to intensify efforts for further isolating the terrorism-supporting countries.

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