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Missing persons’ saga: Assistant Professor has gone missing since 2016

BANNU: Saadullah Shah, a resident of village and post office Bizenkhel, district Bannu Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has gone missing since 2016. He was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Government Post Graduate College Bannu. A letter and more information has been provided by his brother to The Pashtun Times.


The Editor,

The Pashtun Times.


Subject:   Mysterious missing of Mr.Saad Ullah Shah S/o Muhammad Miskeen Khan, Resident of Village & P/O BizenKhel, Distt; Bannu- KPK , Assistant Professor of Computer ScienceGovt: Post Graduate College Bannu.

Dear Sir,

It is requested that my elder brother Mr.SaadUllah Shah, Assistant Professor, Chairman Department  of Computer Science at Government Post Graduate College, Bannu-KPK was found mysteriously missing from Bannu Cantt: area on December 8th ,2016 at 1:30 PM along with his car MNA-3465 (Cell=03009062839 & CNIC=11101-4355240-1). Postal address , Village & Post Office Bizen Khel District Bannu, KPK- Pakistan

He is an honest, competent and patriotic citizen and has never been found involed in any criminal/anti-state activities. This can be proved from the character/clearance certificate of the quarter concerned as given below:


  1. Clearance Certificate by MPA of the concerned constituency (PF-71) at Annex-I
  2. Clearance Certificate by District Member- Union Council BizenKhel at Annex-II
  3. Clearance Certificate by Tehsil Member- Union Council BizenKhel at Annex-III
  4. Service Certificate by Principal Govt: Post Graduate College, Bannu at Annex-IV
  5. Character Certificate by the President KPPLA at Annex-V
  6. Character Certificate by the Local Elders/Malakans at Annex-VI


The fact of missing in respect of my brother was reported to police on December 8th, 2017 and lodged F.I.R accordingly in Cantt: Police Station, Bannu (Attested copies of FIR at Annex-VII)

It has almost 14-Months lapsed that my brother is missing. He is an Arthritis Patient. He has multiple attacks of acute Arthritis which is aggravated by frequent attacks of Diarrhoea and Dysentery. He is suffering from this problem from last 23 years for which he has remained admitted in medical ward of Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar in 1994.His missing for such a long time has created frustration and anxiety among the family members; especially his 5- School going children and old parents are very much worried about his health.

Keeping in view the above you are therefore, requested to kindly look into the matter on humanitarian basis.

Waiting for your scruples and philosophical help



Dated:  25/ 02/2018

Yours Sincerely

Hazrat Amin, Deputy Treasurer, University of Science & Technology, Bannu

Cell: 0336-9724759

CNIC: 11101-1463935-5

Details of Family Members


S.No Name Relationship with Professor Age Remarks
01 Zahida Bibi Wife 36 Household wife
02 Khadija Daughter 16 Student of Class 10th
03 Haider Ali Son 14 Students of Class 9th
04 Fahim Son 12 Students of Class 9th
05 Maaz Son 9 Students of Class 2nd
06 Zianab Son 7 Students of Class 1st
07 Hazrat Amin Brother 40 Deputy Director Finance University of Science & Technology, Bannu
08 Noor Ul Amin Brother 42  Computer Operator, Chief Minister KPK Inspection Team








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