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Mehsud Jirga condemns hike in IED blasts in South Waziristan

Mehsuds jirgaSOUTH WAZIRISTAN: Mehsud tribal elders condemned a steady hike in landmine blasts in the tribal region, the other day. So far 55 landmine blasts have taken place as a result 18 people were killed and 76 sustained injuries. The jirga held in Tank political compounded passed a resolution wherein they called on the government to deploy a bomb disposable squad in the tribal region as after repatriation from the IDPs camps, the tribal families have been facing this deadliest threat of IEDs (an improvised explosive device).

Following is the transcript of the jirga.

“What is happening these days is what even not done with us against our worst enemies in the history.

Now is the time to stand up for this is the right way as when atrocities become unbearable then people do stand up so let’s stand up for our rights.

When cruelties are mounted then people become fearless after seeing countless deaths and corpses.

Our children die in extreme situation for having no medical facilities, our children get exploded in EIDs.

Despite our repeated protest demonstration the government has turned away its face.

When there a firecracker incident in Punjab, the government, police, army and intelligence agencies come into movement.

We must die of shame that we are afraid to this extent that we even cannot raise our voice for our children when they are dying.

When your troops die they become “martyrs” but we are dying while we are being humiliated to prove our Pakistaniat (loyalty to Pakistan), which we hate.

Lets be united in safeguarding our homeland, lets be united in a way where there is no politicization.

Malak (a tribal chief) Saeed Anwar Mehsud and Malak Janan Mehsud addressed the jirga.

They said that if the elders now fail to recognise the sensitivity of the time, then the coming history will not forgive them.

When we asked the GOC–General Officer of Command that what is happening with so instead of giving some promises he started lecturing us. Instead of protesting to what did he say our stupid and shameless tribal chiefs gave him a big hand as they didnt know the GOC language or what did he say.

Later on we went to the political administration and lodged our protest and informed him about the grievances of South Waziristan and demands.

The political administration assured they will inform the higher authorities about what’s happening in South Waziristan. After three days yet another jirga is to be convened.”

By Roohul Amin

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