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Marvi Sirmed’s Letter to the Interior Minister to Arrest ‘Mullah Burqa’ under Article 6

Pakistani rights activist Marvi Sirmed
ISLAMABAD: The Pashtun Times got the open letter sent to the Interior Minister today by a civil society activist, Ms. Marvi Sirmed. Today, the interior minister of Pakistan Ch. Nisar, announced in the parliament that there is no such charge against Mullah Abdul Aziz of the Red-Mosque if he would be arrested. The letter by Ms. Sirmed is a reminder to the interior minister. Here is the letter for our readers:
Dated: December 18, 2015
Dear Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan sahib,
Honourable Minister for Interior,
Thank you very much for reminding us today from the August House of Senate of Pakistan, that Mullah Abdul Aziz, who lifted guns on the armed forces of Pakistan in 2007 that killed our Jawaans and an SSG Officer, Col Haroon Shaheed, cannot be arrested because you think there’s no case against him.
Sir, One: When Dr. Asim Hussain was arrested by the Rangers, there was no case against him. So you do have jurisdiction and mandate to do it with the killer of our SSG officers.
Two: Just as a polite reminder, I’m attaching here the copies of FIRs that the civil society representatives lodged against him back in December 2014, in Islamabad and Karachi separately.
I hope this is enough for you sir, to now proceed. If you still have something bothering you, please don’t hesitate to contact. My comrades and I are there to assist you voluntarily.
Many thanks for hearing us, the citizens who do not do anything but abide the law of our country. But you sir, did arrest some of us on Dec 16 this year. This happened while my comrades were gathering to mourn our children who were mercilessly killed by the terrorists. They gathered in front of this so called ‘Masjid’ which houses killers and terrorists in addition to hoarding weapons and ammunition that was used against our own Armed Forces in 2007.
This Mulla, lest you forget sir, keeps threatening the state of suicide attacks by his network, in case he is touched. Every Friday he announces to defy the state and launch some campaign for sharia laws. He has time and again violated the terms of Schedule 4 of ATA 1997, under which he has been put in the ‘Watch List’.
Sir, instead of leashing him and arresting him for violating the writ of the state, you shut down the mobile phone networks in the entire city so he could not make the sermon on phone.
May I, as a citizen, ask you why the state is protecting him under your watch? I trust you as citizens’ representative and an honourable Member of Pakistan’s democratically elected Cabinet of Ministers. It is because of this, I feel empowered to hold you accountable.
While I await your response on this, may I also request you to please proceed as per the provisions of law, against this Mulla who has a habit of undermining Pakistan’s law & statute as well as the state of Pakistan. He is, in fact, liable to be arrested under Article 6 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
I do hope you would give due consideration to my submissions, for I am the other party to the social contract.
Yours truly,
Marvi Sirmed, 
an ordinary citizen

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