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‘Manzoor Pashteen is the voice of millions of Pashtuns’


Speech at UN Office in Geneva by Aurang Zeb Khan Zalmay:

”PTM, Pashtun Tahfuz Movement or Pashtun Protection Movement, I would like to attract the public opinion at large and specifically the Human Rights Commission, to whom I have been the honor to address just now. And yet I would like to define the PTM Pashtun Tahafuz Movement. PTM is not an abrupt and accidental reaction to the illegal imposing, criminal, immoral atrocities inflicted upon eight and a half million population living in an independent tribal areas called FATA and the whole Pashtun belt living on both sides of the so-called Durand Line. The military operation in different forms and different duration was supposed to eradicate the foreign illegally involved in criminal foreign terrorists. To the effect all Pashtun nation was pleased to clean out their land from the criminal bandits. But unfortunately the whole Pashtun nation came to the bitter facts that the criminal terrorists organizations, individuals, prominent persons has been saved in a safe haven created by the military jihadi junta of Pakistan. The traditional elders, spiritual leaders and the influential personalities ware systematically killed, tortured or forced to be removed from their residential places, their address are  still not known either they are living or they are imprisoned or they are already finished. This immoral and illegal action against the common laws and common tradition are still an astonishing question to the whole Pashtun nation. The false news has been spread against the liquidation of socalled terrorist groups and false information has been given that the terrorists group are no more functioning in the area. And this was the major conflict between the absolute major population and the imposing military jihadi junta of Pakistan. Who so ever dare to contact the foreign agencies to inform them that terrorist groups are not eradicated but has been reinstated in a strategic position to inflict criminal attacks on American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Those persons who tried to covey the truth about the imposing military junta of Pakistan has been removed, killed and tortured to their silence. But the resistance movement continues from the passive resistance movement gradually to active movement embracing each and every level of life in the whole effected independent tribal areas and beyond. The present leadership who continues the long resistance has led by Manzoor Ahamd Pashteen and joined by thousand and thousand of Pashtun nation as conscious spontaneous rising reflecting the real situation exiting in the whole tribal areas and beyond. Now at present specifically the PashtunAfghan nation from Oxus to Indus Manzoor Pashteen is the voice of millions of PashtunAfghan nation, has been accompanied by the patriotic leaders of the PashtunAfghan nation, touching the whole strata of the nation. The PTM is not the phenomena of abrupt movement but an awakening struggle of PashtunAfghan nation stretched from 70 to 100 of years.

I, Aurang Zeb Khan Zalmay, editor-In-Chief the Pashtun Times and as an ingredient part of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement using the present stage of Human Rights Commission appealing to the whole world community to save a further bloodshed and civil war which are approaching to our doors. We  are peaceful nation guided by thousands of years of peaceful religious, cultural and traditional interaction with regional and world community. Again I on behalf of PTM appeal to the world community in general and especially to the UN and the human rights implementing bodies in the whole world to safeguard our human approaches as an active part of the world communities. We love this world and we want to live with a world community in a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. Please give that chance to us. I am thankful to the Human Rights forum that they have accommodated the PTM voice which is the voice of millions of PashtunAfghan nation to the world communities. Thank you very much.”

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