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Man Arrested for Protesting Against Saudi Arabia

sa1ISLAMABAD: A man has been arrested for protesting against Saudi Arabia and trespassing inside the Diplomatic Enclave, police said on Wednesday.

The suspect was later produced in court and was sent to jail on a judicial remand.

Earlier, various gatherings of a few dozen people assembled in front of the Diplomatic Enclave near Shams Gate, police said. They added that the groups were protesting over Kashmir and against Saudi Arabia.

Some people were also carrying placards inscribed with, and chanting, slogans against Saudi Arabia.

The gatherings were asked to disperse by the police, as such assemblies were banned in the city. Police said that all but one man left. The man was identified as Syed Nasir Mehdi.

“He refused to disperse and attempted to enter the enclave and go towards the Saudi embassy, despite being warned that entry to and protests inside the enclave were banned,” police said.

They said the suspect jumped over the enclave wall and ran towards the embassy.

They said he was intercepted by police personnel within the enclave. He was then shifted to the Secretariat police station and charged for violating Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. -Dawn

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