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Long Awaited FATA Commission of Human Rights was Formally Launched


PESHAWAR: International Human Rights Day, December 10th 2015, observed throughout world, served to remind states about their commitments to protect and promote human rights in their respective countries.

The Commission of Human Rights announced today in the ‘Federally Administered Tribal Area’ (FATA), an area generally regarded as being ‘human rights-free’, the formation of an independent Human Rights body (FCHR) which will work for the protection and promotion of Human Rights for the FATA people. The commission will work with the support of Human Rights and activist organisations, monitoring violations in FATA and taking efforts to seek and redress any violations through public campaigns, media attention, lobbying and the courts. The FCHR will conduct its public awareness campaign through advocacy and by arranging seminars, workshops, walks, dialogues, campaigns and literature. This commission will have representatives in all seven agencies or districts and the six Frontier Regions or sub-districts throughout FATA, and will issue Annual Reports.

The Mission of the FCHR is to work for the implementation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all related conventions, covenants, protocols, resolutions, and charters in FATA.

Office bearers nominated for the FCHR will comprise Zar Ali Khan Afridi, as its founding President, Ali Haider, coordinator for Kurram Agency, Gul Nawaz Khan, Mohmand Agency, Iftikhar Mullagori, Khyber Agency, Malik Luqman Afridi, FR Peshawar with other agencies and coordinators be nominated soon after consultation with human rights activists.

Meanwhile, an advisory body was also announced for FCHR which will be represented by engineer Tor Gul Chamkani, Sameena Afridi, M. Zahir Shah Safi – Advocate, Mia Abdul Nasir, Ghani Rehman, Ali Wazir – Advocate, Atlas Khan Sherani, Noor Aslam,  Qamar Naseem, Taimur Kamal, Aimal Khan, Noor ul Islam and Sikander Zaman.

FATA a constitutionally deprived area of Pakistan in which the people have very few rights due to the implementation of Frontier Crimes Regulation of 1901. Though this regulation was amended in 2011, those minor amendments have been unable to solve the real problems of the people living in FATA and its people. It is hoped the FCHR will highlight and address those problems.

By Aurangeb Zalmay


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