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Liberal Pakistan Unacceptable: Pakistan Islamist Parties

26F4EFBF-17F5-49B2-8B56-F6D9EB087A27_w640_r1_sPAKISTAN: National Unity Council, (Mili Yakjehti Council) an umbrella organization of Pakistan Islamist parties and organizations, have warned that they would stop Pakistan from becoming a liberal country. Hafiz Saeed, head of the banned organization of Jamat-ud-Dawa, has said that he has been made surprised by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement on the liberalization of the country.

The Council has warned that they would draw millions of their supporters to roads should they feel any threat to the Islamic ideology of Pakistan. The council has also shown concerns on the death-sentence to the murderer of Salman Taseer, the former governor of Punjab, saying that any death-sentence to a holy warrior is un-Islamic.

The renowned Islamic Scholar Dr Qibla Ayaz, however, has said that neither Nawaz Sharif nor the leaders of the Council know as to what is meant by liberalism. This is because not only Nawaz Sharif but also his brother Shahbaz Sharif has only said softly on Taliban. What is more, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr Shahbaz Sharif, has said about the Taliban that they are their brothers.


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