Karzai warns against outsourcing of war

Hamid Karzai sb04Ex-president Hamid Karzai has warned that outsourcing the war in Afghanistan will lead to deterioration of security if the privatisation proposal goes ahead.

Outsourcing the war management to the notorious private security firm Blackwater would violate Afghanistan’s sovereignty and constitution, he wrote on his social media account.

Such a step would amount to prolonging the conflict and the killing innocent civilians, women and children would continue, he feared.

The security situation in Afghanistan would nosedive, just like it did in Iraq, if the war effort was assigned to a private firm.

Erik Prince, former CEO of Blackwater, recently offered to step up the air war with a private air force capable of intelligence-gathering and close-air support.

 “I vehemently oppose the proposal to the US govt to outsource its war in Afghanistan to private security firms. This would be prolonging and intensifying the bloodshed in Afghanistan,” Karzai tweeted.

“I call upon the govt to oppose and denounce this anti-Afghanistan project,” Karzai concluded.

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