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Karzai says Trump’s new strategy is against Afghans’ will

Hamid-KarzaiKABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai in reaction to the US new strategy announced by President Donald Trump, said the strategy was against peace as the Afghans’ main will.

Trump in a televised speech early Tuesday, spoke about sending more troops to the war-ravaged country, but did not detailed on the exact extra number.

“We strongly condemn this position of the US and oppose the strategy,” Karzai said in a statement., adding that the people of Afghanistan want a lasting peace and stability in their country and in the region, not war prolong, killing and destruction.

“The US has to help put an end to the long war through talks, discussions and other peaceful measures so that the region can live in peace,” the former president said.

“The only milestone in this strategy is that the US is accepting its old mistakes and says that it would not remain silent on the presence of terrorist hideouts in Pakistan. Though we have repeatedly heard this from the former rulers of the US, but hope this time, the US fulfill its sayings.”

Karzai said he would declare his stance on the new US strategy in upcoming days.

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