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Karzai Rejects Ghani’s Remarks for Calling Waziristan Residents ‘Pakistanis’

Karzai-rejects-Ghanis-remarks-300x194KABUL: The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has rejected the remarks by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for calling the residents of Waziristan tribal regions ‘Pakistanis’.

The office of the Former President issued a statement following President Ghani’s remarks he delivered during the Heart of Asia summit in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

The statement further added that the Former President has expressed hopes that President Ghani’s visit to Pakistan will result to peace and stability in the region and lead to strengthening ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

However, Karzai said he strongly rejects President Ghani’s remarks for calling the residents of Waziristan ‘Pakistanis’, insisting that the Durand Line was imposed and drawn on the chest of Afghanistan during the British colonial government and therefore will never be accepted by the people of Afghanistan.

Karzai also added that the residents of Waziristan were forced to shift on this side of Durand Line after losing their homes in airstrikes and military raids, insisting that they have only shifted from one home to another home.

He said the residents of Waziristan are therefore not refugees of Pakistan and have equal and complete right similar as the Afghan people.


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