Karzai questions US security pact in the wake of border violations by Pakistan

Karzai-1The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has raised questions regarding the bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington in the wake of cross-border incursions by Pakistan.

In a statement issued on the occasion of Nowruz, Afghanistan witnessed cross-border incursions by the Pakistani military during the last solar year as they boldly continue to their invasions on the Afghan soil.

Karzai further added that the Pakistani military helicopters violated the Afghan air space in estern parts of the country, criticizing the United States for remaining silent despite commitments to jointly respond to such invasions as per the bilateral security pact in place between the two nations.

He also called on the Taliban group to respond positively to the peace talks and cooperate in bring peace, stability and development in the country by joining peace process.

The remarks by Karzai comes as he refused to sign the bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington and remained firm on his demands before inking the agreement.

However, the agreement was signed immediately after President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani succeeded Karzai as the newly-elected president of Afghanistan.

This comes as the Pakistani air force helicopters violated the Afghan air space by entering the Afghan soil and dropping several bombs in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan earlier this month.

The violation by the Pakistani air force followed two days after the Afghan and Pakistani forces exchanged fire along the Durand Line in Goshta district of eastern Nangarhar province. -KP


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