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Karzai calls on Taliban to join peace talks

kARZAIThe former Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on Taliban group to join peace talks with the Afghan government in a bid to end violence and help secure peace and stability in the country.

Karzai met with the delegation representing Hezb-e-Islami party during peace talks with the Afghan government.

This comes as Taliban group has rejected to join peace talks as the Afghan government was expecting direct talks with the group earlier in March, reiterating the group’s preconditions for peace talks.

The precondition of the Taliban including complete withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan, official recognition of Taliban’s political office in Qatar, removal of Taliban from United Nations terrorist blacklist, halt to the arrest and elimination of Taliban, and release of the Taliban inmates from prisons.

Meanwhile, Afghan security officials believe the Taliban group will pursue violence despite efforts and calls by the Afghan government to start peace negotiations.

The acting Afghan intelligence chief Massoud Andarabi said last month that the Taliban group will pursue violence with the full support of Pakistani military intelligence, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

Briefing the Afghan lawmakers in the Lower House of the Parliament, Andarabi said the Taliban group will pursue violence in the summer as they are being supported by ISI and encouraged to increase violence and bring more areas under their control. -KP


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