Kabul’s list to Pakistan include 32 sanctuaries, 82 Haqqani, Taliban leaaders’ names

KABUL: The Afghan government has handed over a comprehensive list consisting of 32 sanctuaries being used by the Haqqani terrorist network in Pakistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (MoFA) said the list was handed over to Islamabad by the officials of the Afghan Embassy.

According to a statement by MoFA, the list also includes the names of 82 Taliban, Haqqani terrorist network, and other terror groups’ leaders operating against Afghanistan using the Pakistani soil.

The statement further added that the Pakistani authorities have been asked to take actions against the sanctuaries and leaders of the terror groups operating in its soil.

This comes as the Pakistani military summoned the Afghan embassy officials on Friday and handed over a list of 76 militants which they claimed are using the Afghan soil for the attacks on Pakistan.

The Afghan government quickly reacted to Pakistan’s claims, saying Kabul welcomes to receive the list and vowed to take actions as per the documents provided and will ask for more documents if needed.

However, the Afghan military officials said Saturday that the Pakistani authorities have so far failed to take actions against the list which they have repeated handed over to Islamabad. -KP


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