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Kabul Process summit kicks off amid political and security instability

Kabul-Proces-2-615x300@2xKABUL: The Kabul Process summit kicked off in capital Kabul days after the Afghan capital city was hit by some of the largest attacks that resulted into political stability.

The summit was inaugurated by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani as the Afghan government aims to establish a regional and global census in the fight against terrorism and the Afghan peace process.

In his speech during the summit, President Ghani emphasized on the regional and global support to end the violence in Afghanistan, emphasizing that peace and stability in Afghanistan will have a direct impact on the regional and global peace.

President Ghani further added “Want to talk peace with the Taliban, but not open-ended opportunity.”

He also added “Taliban-sponsored terrorism is creating platform that is bringing terrorists to Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

The Afghan President once again called on Pakistan to offer its agenda and mechanism for negotiations that lead to stability and prosperity in the region.

The summit has been inaugurated less than a week after Kabul city was hit by a deadly explosion that left nearly 100 people dead and over 400 others wounded.

The explosion triggered political rift among the political figures after a protest turned violent, resulting into the death of the son of the deputy house speaker of the Afghan Senate whose funeral was subsequently hit by coordinated suicide attack.

The Afghan intelligence blamed the anti-government armed militant groups, specifically the Haqqani terrorist network for being involved in the attacks, using the influence and support of the Pakistani military intelligence.

The observers believe that the series of attacks that hit the capital Kabul were aimed at sabotaging the Kabul Process summit. -KP

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