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Kabul lodge complains against Pakistan to UN

Criticizing Pakistan’s policy by its lawmakers is a strong evidence for Kabul: Afghan lawmakers

PakistanAfghanistanFlagKABUL: Some parliamentarians believe that Kabul can complain against Pakistan to the United Nations Security Council based on recent criticisms raised by Pakistani legislators against Islamabad administration.

The senior criticisms raised by the Pakistani MPs for its government’s policies against Afghanistan could be a good chance for Afghan government to use as evidence in the UNSC.

Jaafar Mahdavi, member of international relations commission in the parliament believes that Pakistani people are tired with the policies of their government. He said these dissatisfactions can defame Pakistan more in the world.

“The voice of protest from the house of Pakistan’s nation (parliament) is a clear message and strong evidence of the right of Afghan people,” Mahdavi said. “I think the continuity of this policy is dangerous not only for the region, but also for Pakistan itself. Afghanistan has been long calling Pakistan as the birthplace of terrorists.”

The Kabul-Islamabad relations have recently got tense and Pakistani troops are firing rockets on the eastern villages of Afghanistan and mistreat Afghan migrants. These measures have faced Pakistan MPs’ criticisms, who have warned Islamabad government against the negative consequences of such policies.

Wadir Safi, analyst for international relations, says the voice of representatives of Pakistan nation against its government policies, has raised from its parliament. “This is the time for the Security Council of the UN to put an end to its silence against the policies of Pakistan government.

“The UN Security Council should prevent Pakistan from these policies with military force, but should put sanctions on this country before, and bring it under pressure,” Safi said. “If Pakistan does not abandon its policies under sanction pressure, military force should be used.”

Safi emphasized that Pakistan’s danger would spread in the region if the UN does not pressure it.

These statements follow an official complaint of Afghanistan against Pakistan to the United Nations.


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